How the funding is paid

The Research Council pays granted funding against payment requests and in one or several instalments based on the actual costs incurred. The site of research is responsible for submitting the payment requests, not individual researchers or research teams. Personal grants awarded to individual researchers may be an exception to this rule.

The requests for payment are submitted separately for each funding decision (i.e. decision number) as e-invoices with a specified format. A Finnish company or corporation with a business identity code can also submit the request via the Research Council's online services. More detailed instructions on drafting e-invoices are available in the funding terms and conditions. E-invoices cannot include attachments, and we do not accept invoices sent as email attachments.

Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences can request advance payment from the Research Council. As a rule, the one-off advance amounts to 10% of the Research Council's funding contribution. Under the Finnish Act on Discretionary Government Transfers, an advance may be paid if it is justified from the point of view of the use of the transfer. However, we do not pay advances on mobility grants, research infrastructure funding or funding to strengthen university research profiles.

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