FIRI 2024 roadmap call, 2nd stage: action plan in research infrastructure’s funding application

General guidelines for action plan

The action plan is submitted as a PDF appendix on the tab ‘Action plan’ in the online services. Read the call text carefully and familiarise yourself with the review guidelines and review form before you start writing the plan.

  • The maximum length of the action plan is three pages.
  • The paper size is A4.
  • The font is Calibri/Carlito 12 pt.
  • The line spacing is 1.
  • The margins are 20 mm.
  • The text is left-aligned.
  • Do not use paragraph indents.
  • The font size in tables and images must be at least 10 pt.
  • Use a single-column layout when writing the text.
  • The maximum size of the PDF appendix is 50 MB.
  • Write the project description in English.

The instructions and structure provided must be followed to ensure the equal treatment of applicants.

Write the action plan on our template.

See the How-to guides for the online services on our website for the technical instructions.

Name of development project:

Name of research infrastructure:

  • in the same format as the name found in the drop-down menu or entered under ‘Other’ in the online services

Name of research infrastructure director:

Description of development project

  • Describe in concrete terms the project presented in the first stage of the roadmap application. Why is the project needed to develop the research infrastructure? What actions does it require? Describe the timetable for the implementation of the project and the steps involved.
  • Is the entire research infrastructure consortium applying for the project?
  • What skills and competence are required to implement the project?
  • How will the project contribute to research infrastructure’s services? Will the project have an impact on the user base?
  • How does the project take into account the green transition?
  • Briefly present a risk management plan for the project.

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