Structure of research plan: Call for inviting researchers from Ukraine to Finland, autumn 2023

This structure of the research plan applies to applications for mobility funding concerning inviting researchers from Ukraine to Finland.

In the online services, append the research plan to the application in PDF format. Read the call text carefully before you start writing the research plan.

The maximum length of the research plan is five pages. The font is Calibri/Carlito (font size 12 pt, line spacing 1 and margins 20 mm). The paper size is A4. All bibliographic references must be added directly into the text, for example as follows: (Author(s) Year or [number]). You must not use footnotes. The list of references is part of the research plan and does count towards the length of the plan. The font size in the list is 10pt pt

The instructions and structure provided must be followed to ensure the equal treatment of applicants.

1 Presentation of research project

1.1 Describe the research project to which the work of the invitee will be or has been linked:

  • Aims and objectives
  • Schedule for implementation

1.2 Outline how the core research funding for the project has been or will be organised (source and amount granted/applied for/to be applied for). Please note that the Research Council of Finland’s mobility funding is not intended for research costs, conference travel or salaries, but for travel and living expenses incurred during the visit in Finland.

2 Presentation of mobility plan, specification of funding to be applied for

2.1 Present a mobility plan:

  • Provide information on where the invited researcher is currently located, how far their current funding extends and the period (e.g. 12 months starting in summer 2024) during which they are expected to be in Finland. Enter the dates also on the tab ‘Mobility’ in the online services.

2.2 Specify and itemise the funding to be applied for from the Research Council of Finland:

  • Please specify the proportion of travel expenses and the proportion of living expenses, and explain the basis for the sums applied for (e.g. travel guidelines of your own organisation; the site of research may provide all or part of the funding to the invitee in the form of a grant, depending on the site’s policy.) If you are also applying for funding to cover accommodation, insurances, possible Mela fees and tax consequences, etc., please specify their proportions. The travel expenses may include travel to Finland if the invitee is not already in Finland, local transport fares in Finland and return travel to Ukraine or another country after the visit.

3 Applicant’s merits and research environment

    Description of the applicant:

    • Key merits as a researcher
    • Role in the integration of the invitee into the Finnish research community.

    4 Invitee’s merits and research environment

      Description of the invitee:

      • Research career stage
      • Key merits as a researcher
      • Planned role in the Finnish research community.

      Explain why the researcher was selected to be invited, why Finland is a suitable place for them and how they will be integrated into the Finnish research community.

      Name the university, research institute or other organisation in Ukraine where the invitee was affiliated on 24 February 2022 or is currently affiliated.

      Name the university, research institute or other organisation in Ukraine, Finland or another country, where the invitee was doing research on 24 February 2022.

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