FIRI 2023 guidelines for action plan: infrastructures on 2021–2024 roadmap and international RI memberships

In order to streamline the review, the action plan and the review form have the same structure. That is why it is important that the action plan follows the guidelines and structure provided. Be as concise as you can.

The action plan is submitted as a PDF appendix on the tab ‘Action plan’ in the online services. Read the call text carefully and familiarise yourself with the review guidelines and review form before you start writing the plan. See the call text for definitions of the terms ‘research infrastructure’ and ‘research infrastructure project’.

  • The plan may be no longer than 20 pages.
  • The paper size is A4.
  • The font is Calibri/Carlito 12 pt.
  • The line spacing is 1.
  • The margins are 20 mm.
  • The text is left-aligned.
  • Do not use paragraph indents.
  • The font size in tables and images must be at least 10 pt.
  • Use a single-column layout when writing the text.
  • The list of references is included in the length of the action plan. The font size in the list is 10 pt.
  • All references must be added directly into the text, for example as follows: (author(s), year) or [number]. You must not use footnotes.
  • The maximum size of the PDF appendix is 50 MB.

Write the action plan on our template. Delete all guidelines from the template. You must not edit or delete the headings in the template. You may add lower-level subheadings, if necessary. The application cannot be submitted if the system detects an error in the headings, the page configuration or the structure. The action plan will be machine-checked as regards the above sections. Write the plan in English; the applications are reviewed by international experts.

See the How-to guides for the online services on our website for the technical instructions.

1. Description of research infrastructure

Describe the research infrastructure for which funding is applied. What research does the infrastructure serve, and what is its scientific and educational significance? At what stage of its lifecycle is the research infrastructure (construction or implementation, when operations will start)?

Briefly describe the organisational structure of the research infrastructure in Finland (e.g. owner organisations, administrative structure, organisation of tasks).

Which services does the research infrastructure offer? Describe the user base of the research infrastructure and how it will be expanded. What kinds of services does or will the research infrastructure offer?

2. Wide and versatile impact

What societal impact outside the scientific community does the research infrastructure pursue? For example, you can describe the paths of impact from the perspective of business, the public sector, employment or business cooperation.

3. Description of project

Project plan: In concrete terms, describe the project to be implemented with the funding applied for and how the project is linked to the activities of the current research infrastructure. What is the project intended to do and build? Who are the key actors for the implementation of the project? Describe their expertise. Present a risk management plan for the project.

How does the project promote and develop the research infrastructure’s operations and services? Will the project have an impact on the user base? How will the project promote the scientific and educational significance of the research infrastructure? How will the project promote the societal impact of the research infrastructure outside the scientific community?

4. Digitalisation and data

4.1 Data management policy

The research infrastructure’s data management policy is described on a separate appendix. The data management policy that you have submitted with your roadmap application needs to be updated only if the project described in this application significantly changes it.

4.2 Increasing digitalisation and data intensity

How will the project take into account the needs for change created by increasing digitalisation and data intensity? How will the project support the efforts of the research infrastructure to respond to the changing needs brought about by digitalisation?

5. Responsible science

5.1 The green transition

What concrete actions does the research infrastructure have planned to reach its carbon neutrality target?

5.2 Research ethics, equality and nondiscrimination, sustainable development

How are the principles of good scientific practice and good governance considered in the research infrastructure’s activities and in the project? Read more in the Academy’s ethical guidelines.

How will the research infrastructure and the project take into account and implement equality in their activities? Read more in the Academy’s equality and nondiscrimination guidelines.

Briefly describe how, in addition to the green transition, the research infrastructure can contribute to one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, either through its activities or through its services. Read more: Academy of Finland’s sustainability guidelines and Agenda 2030.

6. Long-term financial planning

Overall long-term budget for the research infrastructure

  • In two tables, enter estimates of the research infrastructure’s total funding for 2024–2028. Enter the research infrastructure’s expenditure (e.g. personnel costs, rents, equipment acquisitions) in Table 1 and the research infrastructure’s revenue (e.g. contributions from own organisation, other organisations and the Academy of Finland) in Table 2. See example tables below.
  • Fill in the information to the nearest EUR 1,000. Also, briefly describe the revenue and expenditure. The information will be used in evaluating the sustainability of the research infrastructure’s funding base.

FIRI funding may, for justified reasons, be granted a research infrastructure that has ongoing FIRI funding. However, new funding cannot be granted for the same purpose as the previous funding. Describe the need for new funding and its links to funding granted previously.

The project funding to be applied for with this application shall be itemised and justified on the tab ‘Funding applied for’ in the online services.

Table 1. Research infrastructure’s estimated expenditure 2024–2028













Equipment acquisitions






Equipment maintenance (installations, maintenance contracts, repairs)












Other (specify on individual rows)












Table 2. Research infrastructure’s estimated revenue 2024–2028







Organisation funding






Academy of Finland funding (currently)






Funding now applied for from the Academy of Finland






EU research funding






Other competitive funding






Other public funding






Usage and service fees






Other (specify on individual rows)












7. References

  • The list of references is included in the length of the action plan. The font size in the list is 10 pt. All references must be added directly into the text, for example as follows: (author(s), year) or [number]. You must not use footnotes.
  • Delete the instructions by clicking on the three dots and selecting ‘Delete’.

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