Equality and non-discrimination

The Academy of Finland Equality Plan is applied to those working on Academy funding and to the staff at the Academy’s Administration Office. The Board of the Academy has approved the Equality Plan for 2019–2020.

When making decisions regarding research posts and research funding, efforts must be taken to establish an open, transparent expert review procedure in which the qualifications of applicants of all genders are evaluated equally and fairly. Particular attention will be paid to the transparency of the funding process and the funding for research posts as well as to the balanced review of all genders, for example as regards career breaks due to parental leaves.

The Academy’s Equality Plan also takes into consideration other equality issues than gender equality. No person may be discriminated against based on age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, health, disability, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.  Harassment is also regarded as a form of discrimination.

Equality legislation

The general purpose of equality work is to promote equality between people and to prevent all discrimination on grounds of gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, conviction, sexual orientation, disability or other such grounds. All staff members and members of management in particular are responsible for promoting equality in the workplace. Equality considerations should be part of all decision-making and preparation.

The amended Finnish Equality Act that came into force on 1 June 2005 specifies the obligations of authorities and employers, for instance. In addition to the Equality Act and other Finnish legislation, gender equality issues are regulated by EC directives on equality, which are binding for Finland as a member of the EU.

The legislation on equality, for instance:

  • aims at promoting gender equality
  • prevents direct and indirect discrimination based on gender 
  • facilitates the reconciliation of working life and family life
  • prohibits discrimination in advertising job and training vacancies 
  • gives those discriminated in working life a right to claim compensation 
  • requires equal opportunities for education and career advancement.

Monitoring compliance with the Equality Act

Compliance with the Equality Act is monitored by the Ombudsman for Equality and the Equality Board. They have the right to request the authorities for any information necessary to complete their task. The information must be provided free of charge and regardless of its legal confidentiality. The Equality Ombudsman has the right to carry out an inspection at a workplace, if there are grounds to believe that the employer has acted contrary to the Equality Act. The Ombudsman is entitled to assistance from other authorities in carrying out an inspection.

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