Equality and nondiscrimination

The Academy of Finland requires that all Academy-funded research promotes gender equality and nondiscrimination. The Academy’s gender equality and nondiscrimination policies focus on ensuring gender balances, eliminating and preventing structural inequalities, and active measures to support the gender perspective and promote equality in research.

All Academy decision-making bodies will monitor gender equality when granting funding for research. A particular monitoring target is the effects of the Academy’s new or revised funding schemes on equality and nondiscrimination.

Particular attention will be paid to the transparency of decisions on research funding and the funding for research posts as well as to the balanced review of both genders, for example as regards career breaks due to parental leaves.

The Academy of Finland Equality and Nondiscrimination Plan is followed in preparing and making funding decisions. The plan is applied to those working on Academy funding and to the staff at the Academy’s Administration Office.

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