Scientific reports

Applicants with ongoing Research Council funding must provide a brief description of the progress of the project and the project’s connection to the funding applied for. The description must be provided for each ongoing project on tab ‘Progress report’ in the online services. The tab shows the projects that are still under way or that have not yet been the subject of a final report. The length of the progress report is 1,500 characters (incl. spaces) per project.

In some funding opportunities, we may require an interim report. The interim report is completed in the online services and its format follows the format of the final report. The interim report does not replace the final report. However, an interim report submitted earlier may be used as the basis for a new interim or final report.

Researchers who have received funding from the Research Council must report on their project via the online services no later than 1 June of the year following the end of the funding period.

An application will not be reviewed if the applicant has not submitted a report on an ongoing or completed research project funded by the Research Council. In this case, no funding will be granted for the application.

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