Merits and increased competencies: Academy Research Fellowship

The aim of the Academy Research Fellowship funding scheme is to enable researchers to increase their competencies, make significant career progress towards the most demanding research positions and achieve an established position in the national and international research community. Academy Research Fellows produce high-quality, high-impact research that stimulates the renewal of science.

The review of applications for Academy Research Fellowships is focused on the applicant’s ability to achieve the above objectives. The Academy’s review of applications complies with the principles of responsible science and responsible researcher evaluation.

The applicant describes the merits on the tab ‘Merits and increased competencies’ in the online services. The maximum length of the description is 2,500 characters including spaces. The font is Times New Roman (font size 12 pt, line spacing 1.15 and margins 20 mm). Do not add the description as an image.

Follow this structure:

  1. Researcher merits to date
  2. How the research idea has evolved since the doctoral dissertation
  3. Increasing researcher competencies during the funding period
  4. Career plan after the funding period.

Your most important merits and plans for your qualification in terms of your research career may include:

  • National and international collaboration and mobility
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration
  • (Co-)publication (implemented or planned)
  • Sharing of data
  • Establishing a research team and other academic leadership experience
  • Supervision and teaching experience
  • Various expert positions
  • Most important research funding awards (planned and received).

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