Supplementing the application

You can supplement a submitted application in the online services (SARA) before the call deadline by making the necessary changes and saving them. You will not receive a confirmation email when you supplement and re-save an application.

If you notice that your application lacks important information after the deadline, immediately get in touch with the call’s contact person, so that they can reopen the application for you. Make sure to re-submit the application after you have supplemented it. You will receive a confirmation email after resubmission. We will consider the supplemented information insofar as it is possible in view of the review and decision-making process. We may ask you to supplement the application. If you do not supplement the application by the given deadline, we may decide not to process it. You must make sure that your contact details (email address) are up to date.

Do not submit any new appendices via the so-called additional information feature; such appendices will not be saved as part of the application.

Please note that the consortium PI can submit the consortium application (Submit application) only after all subprojects have been tagged as complete. The consortium PI can open a consortium party’s completed application for supplementary additions while the call is open. Read the guidelines for consortium applications and the how-to guides for the online services.

You must immediately notify us if you receive funding from other sources for the same purpose after your application has been submitted.

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