International joint call: Solar-Driven Chemistry 2021/2022 (SDC2) Research Programme

29 October 2021
1.0 million euros for Finnish subprojects, 5.75 million euros in total

This call for applications is the first stage (letters of intent) of a two-stage call. Applications for both stages are submitted to the coordinator of the call, the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). Applications will be peer-reviewed by international experts. The most successful first-stage applications will be invited to the second stage in February 2022. The Finnish partners of successful second-stage consortium applications will be invited to submit national application forms to the Academy of Finland. The Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering will make the final funding decisions at the end of 2022. The funding period starts in early 2023 and lasts for 24 or 36 months.

Each consortium application shall include 2–4 partners from 2–4 countries. In addition to the Academy of Finland, the initiative involves research funding organisations from France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey. Conditions and restrictions concerning Academy Projects generally apply to the funding of Finnish consortium partners.  The Academy’s Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering is prepared to fund Finnish partners of successful consortia with up to 1.0 million euros. The full cost model is applied to the Finnish subprojects. The maximum total funding that can be applied for from the Academy is 330,000 euros (€110,000 per year) if the consortium has one Finnish partner. If the consortium has two Finnish partners, the maximum funding for them together is 450,000 euros (€150,000 per year). The aim is to fund around three projects.

The subject of this call is fundamental research in all sub-areas relevant to the photochemical transformation of small, abundant molecules, such as carbon dioxide, water or nitrogen, into more valuable, storable chemicals by means of solar radiation. The proposals should focus on the photochemical processes (reactions) and on solving fundamental problems. More information on this call will be available mid-July when the call text is published.

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