Government appoints new board and scientific councils for Research Council of Finland, new Strategic Research Council

6 Jun 2024

The Finnish Government today appointed a new board and new scientific councils for the Research Council of Finland and a new Strategic Research Council for the period 1 January 2025–31 December 2027.

Professor Kimmo Nuotio of the University of Helsinki was appointed chair and Professor Tiina Laatikainen of the University of Eastern Finland was appointed vice chair of the Board of the Research Council of Finland.

Professor Anna-Stiina Heiskanen (Finnish Environment Institute), Professor Petri Karonen (University of Jyväskylä), Professor Gary Marquis (Aalto University), Programme Director Jarkko Pellikka (Nokia Corporation) and Professor Susanna Välimäki (University of Helsinki) were appointed as members of the Board.

During the new term, the scientific councils will be chaired by:

  • Research Professor Jarkko Niemi (Natural Resources Institute Finland): Scientific Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment
  • Professor Aini Linjakumpu (University of Lapland): Scientific Council for Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Professor Kalle-Antti Suominen (University of Turku): Scientific Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering.

Professor Mikael Fogelholm of the University of Helsinki was appointed chair of the Strategic Research Council.

The Board of the Research Council of Finland decides the general policies and objectives of the Research Council. The Board’s is responsible for coordinating and reconciling the work of the scientific councils, the Strategic Research Council and the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee.

The Research Council of Finland’s scientific councils grant funding for scientific research and the development and utilisation of framework conditions for research and monitor the impact and effectiveness of granted funding.

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