Research Council of Finland adopts long-term plan for research infrastructures up to 2030

19 Dec 2023

The aim of the plan is to advance the development of research infrastructures, in particular those funded by the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee. The main objectives of the plan are linked to the Research Council of Finland’s strategy, which aims to open up new avenues for excellent, responsible and high-impact research.

In its meeting on 11 December 2023, the Board of the Research Council of Finland approved a proposal for a long-term plan for research infrastructures 2030 (PDF) drafted by the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee.

Excellent research infrastructures are the foundation of high-impact research, development and innovation. To support this, the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee works to improve the potential of research infrastructures to support high-level research and scientific renewal, thus increasing the competitiveness of Finnish scientific research. Increase the capacity of research infrastructures to generate new knowledge and to grow and attract new talents

Merja Särkioja, Senior Science Adviser, said: “Supporting research infrastructures is a key factor in improving the quality, regeneration and competitiveness of Finnish scientific research and innovation. Excellent, shared research and innovation infrastructures provide a foundation for attractive RDI competence clusters where research and innovation can grow and thrive. These infrastructures play an essential role in generating new knowledge, developing innovations and training new talents.”

Developing stronger research infrastructures is also a response to society’s high expectations for RDI solutions and future pathways. The Finnish Government is committed to raising investments in research, development and innovation to 4 per cent of GDP by 2030. Enabling robust research infrastructures is an important step towards this goal.

Based on the long-term plan, the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee will open roadmap and funding calls and, together with other actors, develop national and international research infrastructure activities in the coming years. The Committee will also draft action plans to determine the central measures to be taken to reach the strategic objectives over a three-year period.

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