Decisions on Academy of Finland autumn 2022 call made in two stages in spring 2023

15 Feb 2023

The decisions on applications submitted in the Academy of Finland’s autumn 2022 call will be made in two stages in spring 2023. The two-stage process applies to three funding schemes: Academy Projects, Academy Research Fellowships and Clinical Researchers.

The aim of this phased decision-making is to speed up application processing times in cases where the peer review indicates that an application will not be funded.

At the first decision stage in March–April, the Academy’s research councils, at their discretion, will reject applications that have received a rating of 1–4 in the review. Applications with a rating of 5–6 continue to the next stage and will be decided later. Applicants receive an email notification of the funding decision after either the first or the second stage of decision-making.

The research councils make the funding decisions based on the applications, the review reports, the Academy’s science policy objectives and their own policies. The justifications for the funding decision are included in the decision notification.

The second-stage funding decisions will be announced in press releases that will be posted on the Academy’s website in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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