Academy of Finland’s April 2022 call texts are out

10 Mar 2022

The Academy of Finland’s April 2022 call documents are now available on the Academy’s website. Applications can be submitted in the online services as of Wednesday 6 April. The deadline is Wednesday 28 April at 16.15 Finnish time. Please note that the call for local research infrastructures closes later, on 12 May.

Funding open for application

The call for applications on Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Solutions for Future ICT is part of the research, development and innovation programme ICT 2023. The Academy’s funding budget for the call is 7 million euros.

The Academy supports the implementation of Finland’s national Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), part of the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland, with 14.4 million euros in funding to promote the dual digital and green transition. The green and digital transition will support structural changes in the economy and the development of a carbon-neutral welfare society through digital solutions.

Another call for applications that is linked to the RRP is a call targeted at local research infrastructures. The funding granted under the call supports the upgrading or construction of local research infrastructures so that they can better meet the needs of research, education, business and other actors.

Finnish Centres of Excellence funded by the Academy of Finland go through a full scientific evaluation after the first four years. This procedure is based on the principles of the CoE programme. The Academy is now opening a call for the centres of the 2018–2025 CoE programme. The call concerns the mid-term evaluation and the continued funding of the centres.

The aim of the funding to strengthen university research profiles (PROFI) is to support and speed up the strategic profiling of Finnish universities in order to improve the quality of research. The PROFI 7 call has a total budget of 100 million euros, which will be granted for a fixed term for measures supporting the research-related profiling of Finnish universities.

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) has opened a call for invited applicants. The funding can be applied for by consortia funded in 2019 under the SRC programmes CULT, FOOD, IMPRES and STEER. The deadline for applications is 6 April 2022.

Call texts

Funding for research

Funding for research environments

Funding for strategic research


  • More information is available from the contact persons named in the call texts.

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