Academy of Finland grants funding to support Finnish-US research collaboration

14 Dec 2022

The Academy of Finland has granted 5 million euros in funding for joint research projects between Finnish and US researchers. The funding will support eleven Finnish project parties. The US parties will receive their funding from US funders.

The funded projects were selected jointly by the Academy of Finland, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Academy’s funding decisions were made by the Flagship Programme Subcommittee and the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering as part of the research, development and innovation programme ICT 2023.

The funded projects combine high-quality Finnish and US research, which creates excellent conditions for significant scientific findings and societal impact. Among other things, the projects will develop new solutions for the treatment of diseases such as cancer as well as novel AI-based communication technology for future 6G mobile phone networks.

Paula Eerola, the President of the Academy of Finland, said: “The Academy considers it important to promote research cooperation with leading countries in science. Our goal is to engage in long-term and expanding cooperation with the US, and we’re currently discussing new collaboration opportunities with several US research funders and organisations.”

New funding opportunities for research cooperation

The Academy of Finland launched a new joint call with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in November 2022, and a joint call with the National Science Foundation (NSF) will open on 2 January 2023. The Academy Board has reserved a total of 8 million euros from the 2023 budget authority for funding the Finnish parties of the joint projects. Like before, these calls support research cooperation in the areas represented in the Academy of Finland’s Finnish Flagship Programme.

The calls will be implemented under the Lead Agency funding mechanism. Under the mechanism, a single collaboration proposal will be submitted to a funding call organised by the NIH or the NSF. Proposers from Finland will submit a version of the proposal to the Academy as well.

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