Summary published on impact self-assessments by Centres of Excellence 2014–2019

7 Dec 2021

The Academy of Finland asked the Centres of Excellence of the 2014─2019 programme for a self-assessment of impact in connection with their final reporting. Through the impact assessments, the aim was to let the Centres of Excellence report in their own words on the forms and objectives of impact and on how the objectives had been achieved.

The focus of the impact assessments is on the reports and views of the Centres of Excellence on all aspects of the societal impact of research, the areas the impact concerned, the key channels and methods, and the challenges encountered in pursuing impact.

The Centre of Excellence Programme for 2014‒2019 contained 14 centres. They comprised research teams from a total of twelve universities or research institutes. The Academy of Finland’s funding for the programme totalled 97.5 million euros.

Learn more about the impact self-assessments: Centre of Excellence Programme: impact through research funding

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