Academy of Finland selects 34 Centre of Excellence candidates to second call stage

28 Apr 2021

The Academy of Finland has today decided 34 letters of intent that will proceed to the second stage of the call for Centres of Excellence 2022–2029.

The first call stage attracted 184 letters of intent, of which 34 will go through to the second stage. The full applications will be reviewed by international expert panels. The panels will also interview the candidates.

The aim of the Finnish Centre of Excellence Programme is to strengthen Finnish research by raising its level, contributing to its regeneration and promoting its societal impact. Centres of Excellence contribute to the renewal of science by supplying new research teams, topics, methods and approaches. Thanks to the long-term funding provided by the Academy in collaboration with CoE host organisations, the funding instrument effectively facilitates risk-taking and new initiatives in research.

Candidate CoEs promote renewal of science and research

Centres of Excellence are selected based on international reviews and the objectives of the CoE programme. At the first call stage, individual international reviewers evaluated the letters of intent submitted in the call. After that, a preparatory group consisting of members of the Academy’s decision-making bodies submitted a proposal to the Academy’s General Subcommittee. The General Subcommittee selected the CoE candidates for the second call stage on 28 April 2021.

The preparatory group in particular examined that the research team applying for CoE status conducts excellent science and breakthrough research and promotes scientific renewal. The group also examined the possibilities of the team to rise to or stay at the international forefront in the field. Among the key selection criteria were also the impact of research beyond the scientific community and that the researchers and subjects of the CoE candidate can reinvigorate Finnish science.

Riitta Maijala, Vice President for Research at the Academy of Finland, said: “A Centre of Excellence is a research community that is already at or striving for the international cutting edge of research in its field. CoEs may consist of one or more research teams working closely together under one joint research plan. The Academy of Finland selects the CoEs for an eight-year term based on international reviews and science policy objectives.”

The CoEs are jointly funded by the Academy of Finland, universities, research institutes and business companies. Funding is also made available through other sources. The Academy of Finland has funded Centres of Excellence since 1995.

The deadline for full applications is 15 June 2021. The CoEs to be included in the 2022–2029 programme will be decided in October 2021.

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