Information on Finnish research is now available in one place – online service launched

9 Jun 2020

The new service at brings together in one place information about research carried out in Finland. It shares the data and makes it accessible to everyone in an easy form. The service, launched on 9 June, benefits researchers, the media, businesses, organisations, decision-makers and citizens interested in research.

At present, the service contains information on the Finnish research system, publications by Finnish organisations, projects funded through public and private research funding, statistical data on human resources, financial resources for research and bibliometric data on publishing activities.

In the future, the service will expand through the introduction of new data sets and data coverage will be more comprehensive. The service will include information on researchers operating in Finland, on the research data and material produced by them and on other research activities.

National research information hub facilitating the flow of data

The service builds on the national research information hub, which brings together information in services maintained by universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and research funding agencies. Besides making it easier to find information, streamlines the flow of research-related information between different organisations, makes it easier to use the information and reduces the administrative burden of researchers.

The Academy of Finland will provide information on funded projects to the online service. While first only the most recent research projects will be shown, eventually research project data will be available as far back as 2005. The Academy of Finland has also been involved in producing the visual images for the service, which describe Finnish science and research in figures. The visual images illustrate research funding, human resources and publishing activities, for example.

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