Coming in August: special funding for research into crisis preparedness and security of supply

30 Jun 2020

The Finnish Government’s fourth supplementary budget allocated 20 million euros to the Academy of Finland to be distributed in 2020 for scientific research related to crisis preparedness and security of supply.

In addition to high-quality research, the projects to be funded under the special call should promote the wider societal impact of the topic. The decisions will be made based on international peer review and the call’s objectives.

  • When will the call open and close?The call text will be published after 15 August, and the call will open by the end of August. The deadline for applications is mid-September. The funding decisions will be made in late 2020.
  • Who can apply?Applications are invited from research teams and consortia composed of research teams. Funding may be granted to individual projects or consortium projects.
  • What is the funding period?The funding period may start retroactively from the publication of the call text. The funding period ends no later than 30 November 2023.

Previously this year, the Academy provided funding to research projects focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic (see “Academy of Finland announces funding decisions on special call for COVID-19 research” and “Academy of Finland grants €10m for COVID-19 vaccine and drug development projects”).

The aim of the call for research into crisis preparedness and security of supply to be launched in August is to provide extensive funding for multidisciplinary research related to the call themes. The more detailed themes and objectives of the call will be specified during the summer through discussions with stakeholders.

More information about the call text and schedule will be published on the Academy’s website and Twitter account by August.

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