Supplementary call for Keys to Sustainable Growth SRC programme – call text out now

26 Jan 2018

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland will open a new call to supplement the SRC programme Keys to Sustainable Growth. The call text was published today.

The supplementary call has two stages. The first stage is open between 3 and 25 April 2018. The second stage will open in June 2018.

The SRC’s funding budget for the first funding period of the supplementary call is 14.5 million euros. The SRC will most likely provide funding to 3–5 consortia in total.

The call is designed to create new research-based knowledge and solutions for the development of products and services amid changes that affect consumption and manufacturing systems. New research knowledge is especially needed on the following themes:

  • transformation and development of business ecosystems in change
  • infrastructures and an innovation system that support and renew economic activity
  • institutions and policies that support or regulate economic activities.

The idea is to find research consortia that present new combinations of expertise and non-traditional forms of collaboration between disciplines. In particular, the SRC is seeking consortia that include slightly rarer discipline combinations, such as engineering research combined with humanities research, or medical research combined with environmental sciences.

The funding period of the supplementary call for the SRC programme Keys to Sustainable Growth is five years. The funding will be granted in two parts (3 + 2 years). At the end of the first funding period, the consortia will go through an interim evaluation that will determine the funding for the next period.

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