NordForsk is a joint Nordic research funding organisation. It works under the Nordic Council of Ministers with responsibility for Nordic cooperation in research and researcher training. It is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and national research funding agencies in the Nordic countries.

NordForsk is committed to strengthening and developing Nordic science, research, technology and innovation with a view to improving international competitiveness and wellbeing in the Nordic countries.

Projects applying for NordForsk funding must involve researchers from at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) or autonomous Nordic areas (the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands). Several NordForsk activities are open to all countries in the Nordic region, which besides the Nordic countries also includes the adjacent areas Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Northwest Russia. In some cases, NordForsk programmes have also included other countries, such as the UK.

NordForsk programmes are built around the common-pot principle. Funds from the national agencies are pooled into a common pot from which projects are funded based on peer review, without quotas or comparisons between national contributions. NordForsk takes care of the applicant support and the payment of funds. Applications are submitted via the NordForsk Application Portal.

NordForsk’s activities are led by a board of representatives appointed by the national funding agencies. The board also includes a representative of the Research Council of Finland. The NordForsk Secretariat is located in Oslo.

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