Heli Jantunen

Academician of Science Heli Jantunen

Professor Heli Jantunen (b. 1958) has served at the University of Oulu as Professor in Technical Physics since 2004 and as Director of the Microelectronics Research Unit since 2008. She has won international recognition for her research in electronic materials, particularly her pioneering work in the field of electroceramics.

Jantunen and her team have developed a novel room-temperature technique for the fabrication of electroceramic components, which are used extensively in data communications, the auto industry and consumer electronics. As fabrication temperatures can be reduced by over 1,000 degrees compared to earlier methods, energy savings are substantial. Furthermore, the method uses no raw materials that are harmful to the environment and requires no significant initial investment.

Jantunen received her Doctor of Science in Technology degree at the University of Oulu in 2001. She spent ten years working in industry before returning to the university in 1999. In 2020–2023, Jantunen is also a visiting professor at National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan.

In 2019, she received the Finnish Parliament’s Innovation Award for Women and the Finnish Science Award granted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. In 2018, she received the Nokia Foundation’s Recognition Award.

Jantunen received the title of Academician of Science in 2023.

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