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2,876 applications submitted to Research Council of Finland’s winter call – decisions coming 12–13 June

The Research Council of Finland’s winter call 2024 closed in January with a total of 2,876 applications submitted to the funding calls that were open for application.

Open and upcoming calls

2024 Research Council of Finland – NRF Korea joint call 2024: 6G and Quantum Technology

Call opens 8 Apr 2024
Call closes 24 May 2024 at 16.15 Finnish time

NordForsk call for proposals on Sustainable Development of the Arctic

Call opens 13 Mar 2024
Call closes 4 Jun 2024

FIRI 2024: Membership in international research infrastructures

Call opens 16 May 2024
Call closes 5 June 2024 at 16.15 Finnish time

Call for applications for Research Council of Finland Proof of Concept Funding 2024

Call opens 8 May 2024
Call closes 11 Jun 2024 at 16.15 Finnish time

Competitive funding to strengthen university research profiles 2024 (PROFI 8)

Call opens 15 May 2024
Call closes 12 June 2024 at 16.15 Finnish time
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Strategic research

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) funds high-quality research that has great societal impact. SRC-funded research seeks concrete solutions to grand challenges that require multidisciplinary approaches as well as active and ongoing collaboration between those who produce new research knowledge and those who use it.

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