FCAI – Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence

The mission of the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) is to create real artificial intelligence for real people in the real world. FCAI is a key player that contributes to the implementation of Finland’s national artificial intelligence programme, both to the reform of healthcare and working life and to the deployment of evidence-based innovations.

The goal of the research conducted at FCAI is to contribute to the development of AI solutions that are able to learn and plan, and work together with real people to solve complex problems. The research is focused on three key issues: data efficiency, understandability, and trust and ethics. The research is based on top-tier expertise in machine learning, especially probabilistic modelling and deep learning, and on multidisciplinary collaboration with experts from other fields. The activities of FCAI span a wide spectrum of fields, versatile training and cooperation with the industry sector.

  • Director: Academy Professor Samuel Kaski, Aalto University
  • Host organisations: Aalto University, University of Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • FCAI website
  • X: @FCAI_fi
  • Email address: contact(at)fcai.fi

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