CoE Programme 2002–2007

Centres of Excellence 2002–2007

The Centre of Excellence Programme for 2002‒2007 contained 16 centres. The Academy’s funding contribution for 2002–2007 was 33.1 million euros, while Tekes contributed 5.3 million euros.

  • Ralph-Johan Back: Formal Methods in Programming
  • Pertti Mattila: Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics
  • Ilpo Huhtaniemi: Male Reproductive Health
  • Howard Jacobs: Finnish Research Unit for Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Disease (FinMIT)
  • Simo Knuuttila: History of Mind Research Unit
  • Erkki Koskela: Economic Structures and Growth
  • Markku Kulmala: Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change
  • Risto Näätänen: Helsinki Brain Research Centre (HBRC)
  • Pekka Pamilo: Centre of Population Genetic Analyses
  • Juha Pekkanen: Centre for Environmental Health Risk Assessment
  • Antti Räisänen: Smart and Novel Radios Research Unit (SMARAD)
  • Jukka Seppälä: Bio- and Nanopolymers Research Group
  • Kaarina Sivonen: Applied Microbiology Research Unit
  • Irma Thesleff: Developmental Biology Research Programme
  • Esko Ukkonen: From Data to Knowledge Research Unit
  • Seppo Ylä-Herttuala: Centre of Excellence for Research in Cardiovascular Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes

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