CoE Programme 1995–1999

Centres of Excellence 1995–1999

The Academy funded 17 CoEs whose terms ended at the end of 1999. Twelve of them received CoE status in 1995 and five in 1997.

  • Albert de la Chapelle: Hereditary Disorders Research Unit, University of Helsinki
  • Ilkka Hanski: Division of Population Biology, Department of Ecology and Systematics, University of Helsinki
  • Erkki Haukioja: Research Team for Ecology and Animal Systematics, University of Turku
  • Seppo Honkapohja and Erkki Koskela: Research Unit on Economic Structures and Growth, University of Helsinki
  • Olli Jänne: Biocentrum Helsinki, University of Helsinki
  • Fred Karlsson: Multilingual Language Technology Unit, University of Helsinki
  • Seppo Kellomäki: Research Team Investigating Climatic Change, its Silvicultural and Economic Implications in Forestry, University of Joensuu
  • Teuvo Kohonen: Neural Networks Research Centre, Helsinki University of Technology
  • Risto Näätänen: Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki
  • Mikko Paalanen: Low Temperature Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology
  • Markus Pessa: Laboratories of Compound Semiconductor Technology and Surface Science, Tampere University of Technology
  • Taina Pihlajaniemi: Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu
  • Lea Pulkkinen and Heikki Lyytinen: Human Development and its Risk Factors Programme, Department of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä
  • Heikki Räisänen: Research Team for Biblical Exegetics, University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University
  • Ralph-Johan Back: Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and Turku School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Jaakko Astola: Digital Media Institute, Tampere University of Technology
  • Markku Jalkanen: BioCity-Turku, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University

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