The Future of Learning, Knowledge and Skills (TULOS) 2014-2020

Learning is in flux. In today’s globalised and technology-driven world, life-long learning is increasingly important to all people and to all communities. Knowledge work is continuing to increase and expand, underlining the crucial importance of knowledge and skills. New forms of communication and culture are shaping the way people live and work.

However, as of yet we have only limited knowledge about how profoundly all this is impacting people’s world views, their knowledge and skills, and, consequently, the very foundations of society.

The Academy Programme The Future of Learning, Knowledge and Skills addresses relevant research issues ranging from brain function to the conditions for learning, changing cultural values, forms of social activity and the possibilities of information technology.

The programme integrates behavioural research interests associated with learning and education, and the development of teaching technologies and the search for software solutions. It also opens up wider opportunities to integrate contents from different subject areas. Furthermore, the programme addresses neuroscience research into learning and more generally research concerned with the wellbeing of children and young people.

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