Research fields of the Academy’s research councils

Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment

  • biochemistry and biophysics
  • biomedicine
  • ecology and evolutionary biology
  • pharmacy
  • public health, environmental health and occupational health sciences
  • clinical medicine, dental science and veterinary medicine
  • agricultural, forest and food sciences
  • genetics
  • nutritional, sport and nursing sciences
  • cell biology, molecular biology and microbiology
  • environmental sciences
  • systems biology and bioinformatics related to the above fields
  • other research into biosciences, health and the environment, including multidisciplinary research

Research Council for Culture and Society

  • philosophy
  • history and archaeology
  • educational sciences
  • linguistics
  • law
  • psychology
  • social sciences
  • art research
  • economics
  • theology
  • political sciences
  • communication sciences
  • sociological environmental research and human geography
  • other research into the humanities and social sciences, including multidisciplinary research

Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering

  • energy technology
  • physics
  • geosciences and physical geography
  • chemistry
  • mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology
  • medical engineering
  • mathematics and statistics
  • materials science and engineering
  • process and chemical engineering
  • construction and municipal engineering, architecture
  • electrical engineering and electronics (incl. communications and automation engineering)
  • computer sciences, information technology
  • astronomy
  • biotechnology, bioinformatics and environmental technology related to the above fields
  • other research into the natural sciences and engineering, including multidisciplinary research

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