Joint call with U.S. Department of Defense 2024: Future Information Architecture for IoT

4 Dec 2023
3 May 2024 at 23 Finnish time
4 years, from 1 Jan 2025
  • In this joint call, the application procedure differs from a typical Research Council of Finland call. Please study the procedure in detail before preparing to apply.
  • Applicants from Finland can participate in this joint funding opportunity via proposals submitted to the DOD between 4 December 2023 and 3 May 2024. White Paper intentions to submit will be submitted to both DOD and AKA no later than 12 February 2024.
  • The total funding from the AKA is not to exceed €3,000,000.00, and it is expected that a single award will be issued for a consortium of investigators, including 2-5 parties. The AKA funding will be used exclusively for research performed by the Finland research team.
  • AKA funding will be granted only for proposals that are selected for funding in the DOD call procedure and are selected for funding by the AKA.

The DOD and the AKA collaborate via a Lead Agency Opportunity, in which the DOD acts as the Lead Agency. In this approach, proposers from both countries will collaborate to write a single proposal. It is the responsibility of the US proposer to submit the proposal to the appropriate DOD programme for review. Researchers from Finland participating in the joint research project will apply for funding separately from the AKA in accordance with the guidelines and procedures provided in this call text.

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