ERA-NET NEURON Joint Transnational Call 2021: Neurodevelopmental Disorders

7 January 2021
9 March 2021 at 14 CET

The ERA-NET NEURON (Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research) will launch the 2021 Joint Transnational Call in early 2021 on the topic Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

The Academy of Finland will participate in the call. The Academy is prepared to fund two successful Finnish projects with a total of some 600,000 euros. As a rule, the funding period is three years.

The call will provide funding to multinational research projects consisting of research teams from at least three NEURON member states. The research projects are expected to be interdisciplinary and translational, combining basic research and a clinical perspective.

For more details on the call, participating countries, schedule, etc. please see the NEURON website.

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