Academy of Finland opens call for inviting researchers from Ukraine to Finland

31 May 2022

The Academy of Finland has opened a call for applications to invite researchers from Ukraine to carry out research in Finland. The aim of the call is to support researchers who are prevented from working in Ukraine because of the Russian attack and who need physical protection to be able to carry out their research.

The application is submitted by a researcher based in Finland, and the applicant must have secured a commitment from the site of research. The curriculum vitae of the invitee must be appended to the application. The funding covers the invitee’s travel and living expenses in Finland, not the costs of the research work. The funding period is up to two years.

The Finnish Government has proposed to Parliament that the second supplementary budget for 2022 include an appropriation of 500,000 euros to the Academy of Finland for this call.

The call opens on 31 May. The call closes when the funding has been fully allocated, but no later than December 2022.

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