Academy of Finland’s September 2021 calls attracted more than 3,000 applications

13 Oct 2021

The Academy of Finland received 3,673 applications to the funding calls that were open in September 2021. The total number includes consortium subprojects as separate applications. If each consortium is counted as a single application, the total number of applications comes to 2,995.

In 2021, Academy Project funding was the most popular funding opportunity with 1,321 applications (1,408 applications in 2020). In all, 605 researchers applied for funding for a research post as Academy Research Fellow (602 in 2020) and 744 researchers applied for funding for a research post as Postdoctoral Researcher (827 in 2020).

The Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering received the most applications, 1,134 in total (1,281 in 2020). The Research Council for Culture and Society received 840 applications (910 in 2020) and the Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment received 880 applications (909 in 2020). In addition, there were 37 applications for funding for sport science research projects from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. These applications are reviewed in panels organised by the Academy’s Division of Biosciences, Health and Environmental Research.

Applications to other calls in September–October 2021:

  • Academy Programme Critical Materials in Circular Economy of Cities, second call stage: 22 applications
  • Special funding for EuroHPC, quantum computing and high-performance computing: 41 applications
  • Special funding for research on key areas of green and digital transition: 78 applications

The funding decisions on the September calls will be made in April–June 2022.

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