Academy of Finland’s autumn call open in August–September

7 Jun 2021

The Academy of Finland has published the call texts for the upcoming September 2021 call. The call texts are available on the Academy’s website in English, Finnish and Swedish. The calls primarily open on 11 August. This year, the deadlines are staggered: the calls close on 22 September or 29 September.

Applications can be submitted for research posts as Academy Research Fellow and Postdoctoral Researcher and for Academy Project funding. Applications are also invited for funding for research posts as Clinical Researcher and for international researcher mobility. Researchers may also apply for funding from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for sport science research projects – these applications are submitted to and reviewed by the Academy.

In August and September, the Academy will organise Ask & Apply info sessions about the upcoming call. This year’s sessions will be held as webinars.

Funding open for application in the autumn 2021 call:

Also open for application:

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