Academy of Finland publishes strategy for national research infrastructures in Finland 2020–2030

28 Jan 2020

The Academy of Finland has published a strategy for national research infrastructures in Finland. The objective of the strategy is to promote the quality, competitiveness and renewal of research, to strengthen the broad-based impact of research environments and to increase national and international cooperation. The stated vision is that high-class research infrastructure services increase the impact and international attraction of the Finnish research, education and innovation system.

The strategy was drawn up by the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee and adopted by the Board of the Academy. The Committee will open roadmap and funding calls based on the strategy. Together with other actors, it will also utilise the strategy to develop national and international research infrastructure activities in the coming years. The first action plan to be completed in the spring will define the key measures for the first three years in order to achieve the objectives of the strategy.

During the strategy process, the views of key stakeholders were collected through an online survey and future perspectives were discussed at workshops. On this basis, the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee identified six key areas for the development of research infrastructure activities:

  • responsibility and sustainable development
  • long-term perspective and dynamism
  • ownership and know-how
  • digital platforms and data
  • open access and collaboration
  • wide and versatile impact.

The strategy highlights change trends that will be reflected in research work and in the development of research infrastructures. For example, the increase in data intensity and the opportunities it creates will require better strategic planning, cross-sectoral dialogue and overall management. At the same time, the role of data service providers at the core of research and data-based business will increase.

Scientific and technological advancements, in turn, will enable the construction and use of completely new kinds of research infrastructures. “The prioritisation of research infrastructures must take into account not only the opportunities created by new strategic initiatives but also the extensive utilisation of investments in existing research infrastructures,” the strategy states.

Research infrastructures refer to a reserve of research instruments, equipment, data, materials and services that facilitates research, promotes research collaboration, reinforces research and innovation capacity, and improves skills and competences. Research infrastructures may be single-sited, distributed, virtual or a combination of these.

Read the Strategy for National Research Infrastructures in Finland 2020–2030


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