Number of applications for the Academy’s September call rose since last year

3 Oct 2019

The Academy of Finland received a total of 3,508 applications in the September 2019 call, which closed on 26 September. Last year, the number of applications was 3,313. This year, the total number rose because of the 251 applications submitted in the call for Academy Professor funding. The total number for 2019 includes consortium subprojects as separate applications. If each consortium is counted as a single application, the total number of applications was 3,169.

Academy Project funding was the most popular funding opportunity with 1,392 applications (1,378 in 2018). 550 researchers applied for funding for a research post as Academy Research Fellow (517 in 2018) and 744 researchers applied for funding for a research post as Postdoctoral Researcher (790 in 2018).

The Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering received the most applications, 1,230 in total (1,108 in 2018). The second most applications went to the Research Council for Culture and Society, which received a total of 970 applications (879 in 2018). The Research Council for Biosciences, Health and Environment received 925 applications (937 in 2018). See the attached table for instrument-specific figures.

The funding decisions on the September call will be made in April–June 2020. The decision dates will be posted on our website as information becomes available.

For more information about specific funding opportunities, please get in touch with the contact persons named in the call text.

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