Research infrastructures

Research infrastructures are instruments, equipment, information networks, databases, materials and services that serve to facilitate research, promote research collaboration and reinforce research and innovation capacity and know-how.

Research infrastructure services also play an important role in society: they promote digitalisation and the achievement of sustainable development goals, the strengthening of economic renewal and the development of education.

The Finnish research infrastructure landscape includes international, national, local and regional infrastructures.

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Research infrastructure projects that submitted their final report between 2019 and 2022 achieved, at least:

  • 350 new technologies
  • 70 patents
  • 110 invention notifications
  • 120 speech and text databases
  • 200 FTEs
  • 4,700 scientific publications
  • 2,500 other publications.

There was also extensive cooperation, at least:

  • 300,000 users
  • 500 business users
  • 3 million data downloads
  • 2,300 partners, of which
  • 50 % new partners
  • 70 % international partners
  • 15 % companies or private parties.

The research infrastructure projects that were reported on between 2019 and 2022 received a total of 56 million euros in funding.

Source: Academy of Finland, FIRI final reports 2019–2022 (n = 47)

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