The Research Council of Finland has two partners in the United States: the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Research Council and the American funders have agreed to promote Finnish-American research collaboration in 2020–2024. Cooperation will be strengthened by funding research projects between American and Finnish parties in areas represented by the research flagships included in the Research Council’s Finnish Flagship Programme.

The funding will be granted via a mechanism called Lead Agency. Under the mechanism, proposers from both countries collaborate to write a single proposal, which will be submitted to a funding call organised by the US funder. Proposers from Finland will be requested to submit a version of the proposal to the Research Council as well. The instructions for Finnish applicants will be posted on the Research Council’s website.

On the condition of sufficient funding being available, the Research Council plans to organize two funding calls per year per US funder. The most recent joint calls were published  in November 2022. The next calls are planned to be announced by the end of 2023.

If the Research Council does not have an active funding call for the AKA-NIH program at the time a research team is interested in submitting an application or if AKA has fully committed funding for the program for the year, U.S. and Finnish collaborators could consider submitting a standard grant application to an NIH parent R01 funding opportunity announcement (PA20-183, PA20-184, or PA20-185) with a Finnish subcontract (see NIH website for more details). This would include the full Finnish budget as part of the U.S. application.

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