Members of the Committee

Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee 1 July 2022–20 June 2025

  • Chair: Vice President for Research Riitta Maijala, Academy of Finland
  • Vice Chair: Director Erja Heikkinen, Ministry of Education and Culture


  • Tuula Helander, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
  • Anni Huhtala, Secretary General of the Economic Policy Council, VATT Institute for Economic Research
  • Professor Ari Jokinen, Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, Academy of Finland
  • Jussi Kaurola, Director General, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Maija Lönnqvist, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
  • Arto Maaninen, Vice Rector, University of Oulu
  • Ilkka Niemelä, Rector, Aalto University
  • Professor Atte Oksanen, Research Council for Culture and Society, Academy of Finland
  • Professor Jorma Palvimo, Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment, Academy of Finland
  • Arto Pussinen, Senior Director, Business Finland
  • Leif Schulman, Director General, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Hanna Snellman, Vice Rector, University of Helsinki
  • Juhani Soini, Vice Rector, Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • Antti Vasara, CEO, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • Mari Walls, Rector, Tampere University

Permanent expert

  • Petteri Kauppinen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

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