An application is ineligible and will not be considered (processed) if the applicant or the application does not meet the competence requirements or other key requirements of the call, or if there are otherwise no conditions for processing the case. The decision in this matter is taken by the Research Council of Finland’s Vice President for Research.

Reasons when your application will not be processed:

  • The application is late.
  • The application does not meet the eligibility criteria set out in the call text, or there is some other restriction in the call text that makes the application ineligible.
  • The application is substantially incomplete even after a request for supplementary information, or the application has not been supplemented by the deadline.
  • The site of research does not commit to the application.
  • You have submitted more than one application in the same application round for one or several of the following schemes: funding for Academy Research Fellowship, Academy Project funding or funding for research post as Clinical Researcher. In this case, we will only review the first application to arrive.
  • You have not submitted a report on an ongoing or completed research project that we have funded.
  • The application concerns a purpose for which we do not grant funding.
  • The application does not fall within the scope of the call.
  • The application submitted within an Academy Programme call does not fall within the scope of the programme.
  • You are applying for Academy Programme funding, and you have participated in the planning of the programme to an extent likely to give you a comparative advantage over other applicants. This applies to, for example, members and permanent experts of preparatory and steering committees.
  • A member of our Board, one of our scientific councils or the Strategic Research Council is applying for Research Council of Finland funding during their term.
  • We will not process a funding application if you have been found guilty of research misconduct in the three years preceding the year of the call.

A scientific council or another decision-making body may decide not to fund an application based on science policy objectives, or if it is apparent for some other reason that the applicant cannot receive funding with the submitted application.

Always refer to the Who can apply? section of the call text for details on the eligibility and exceptions.

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