What is beneficiary information and why should information on beneficiaries be reported?

The EU’s Anti‑Money Laundering Directive and the Finnish Act on Preventing Money Laundering require the company or entity to identify its beneficial owners, report their data for registration and keep the information up to date. The aim of the Directive and the Act is to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, to promote the detection and detection of such activities and to improve the tracking and recovery of the proceeds of crime. Identification of beneficiaries is the responsibility of the company. More information on beneficiary information can be found on the website of the Patent and Registration Office.

In accordance with the RRF Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2021/241, Article 22), the Research Council of Finland must collect and store the first names and surnames and dates of birth of the beneficial owners of the contractors as well as the subcontractor’s company name and tax identification number.

In accordance with the RRF specific conditions, non-reporting may lead to the recovery of funding.

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