The PI must inform the Research Council of any other funding received for the project. How do I report it?

Research funding granted by the Research Council of Finland may be used only for the purpose sta ted in the funding decision. Where the Research Council has made a special provision in its decision, it shall be complied with. The funding is provided as a total amount, which shall not be exceeded. The funding may only be used for expenditure incurred during the funding period.

The Research Council has the right to monitor the use of the funding it grants and to inspect the beneficiary's finances and activities, if necessary. The Research Council also has the right to verify the implementation of the research work in the project, its accounting and compliance with the terms of the funding decision. The site of research and the principal investigator (PI) of the research project shall be obliged to make available to the auditor all necessary accounting and other documents and information and to assist in the audit. Both the site of research and the project PI shall, upon request, provide the Research Council with information on the research and the use of funds.

The PI and the site of research shall inform the Research Council without delay of any changes affecting the use of the research funding budget, such as any other funding or income received for the implementation of the research plan.

The PI shall submit a notice of overlapping funding in the Research Council's online services (SARA) under My applications > Decision made > Give additional information.

Information on the notification is sent from the system to the RRF personnel. Other funding will be investigated and double funding monitored based on these notifications.

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