Are procurements subject to a DNSH assessment?

The DNSH assessment at the application stage has already ensured that every project financed by the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) through the Research Council of Finland complies with the DNSH principle. The applicant’s DNSH self-assessment covers the procurements of the project, and the DNSH evaluation carried out by the Research Council has ensured that the procurements are in line with the content of the project.

If there has been a justifiable change to the original plan of the project and the project's costs should include a procurement that was not part of the original plan, the Principal investigator of the project should contact A separate DNSH self-assessment form should be completed for the procurement not included in the plan, which the PI will receive instructions on after making contact. Based on the self-assessment, the Research Council of Finland will conduct the DNSH assessment as the funding agency, which will be sent to the PI of the project for notification through the registry. The procurement process can be initiated after the DNSH assessment conducted by the Research Council of Finland.

If, at a later stage, the Commission gives other guidance on procurements, these should be considered. We will keep projects informed of any changes.

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