Structure of research and impact plan: Flagships selected in the 3rd Flagship Programme call, interim evaluation

Submit the research plan as a PDF appendix in the Academy’s online services on the tab ‘Research and impact plan’. Read the call text carefully before you start writing the plan. Also, familiarise yourself with the review guidelines and review form.

The research and impact plan must be no more than 15 pages long. The paper size is A4. The font is Source Sans Pro (font size 12 pt, line spacing 1 and margins 20 mm). All bibliographic references must be added directly into the text, for example as follows: (author(s) year) or [number]. You must not use footnotes. The list of references is part of the plan and does not count towards the length of the plan.

The instructions and structure provided must be followed to ensure the equal treatment of applicants. Please use the headings provided.

The plan should describe the Flagship progress (first two years of operation), future plans (last 4 years of the funding term and beyond), expected outcomes, and evolution of the ecosystem.

See the how-to guides for the online services for the technical instructions.

1. Basic details

1.1. Flagship details

  • Name and abbreviation of the Flagship; director and vice director; host organisation(s)

2. Brief summary of demonstrated scientific excellence and impact in support of economic growth and/or society during the first two years of Flagship operation (no more than 3 pages)

2.1.  Progress

  • Brief overview of the Flagship activities since kick-off
  • Building on the Flagship goals, self-evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Flagship activities during the first two years of operation
  • Reflection on possibly identified needs/changes necessary from the point of view of achieving Flagship goals and added value generation

3. Plan for promoting scientific excellence and impact in support of economic growth and/or society for the remaining funding period and beyond (no more than 8 pages)

3.1. Implementation plan

  • Advancement of the Flagship goals and how the plan builds on previous work. Main changes to the original plan with justifications.
  • Implementation of the plan, approaches, methods, new initiatives, data, schedule (including milestones and deliverables), risk management and mitigation
  • Expected main outcomes by the end of the funding term
  • Strategy beyond the Flagship term and expected outcomes

3.2. Consideration of responsible science

  • Consideration of aspects related to open science, research ethics, equality and non-discrimination, and sustainable development objectives


4. Ecosystem and organisation (no more than 4 pages)

4.1.  Description of ecosystem and organisation

  • Host organisation’s strategic priorities and roles, Flagship management and administrative structures
  • Key collaborators and their roles together with a description of collaborations with the business sector and/or with other sectors of society; innovation orientation of the ecosystem
  • Planned actions to increase the appeal of the ecosystem
  • Identified needs for changes and strategy for the development of the ecosystem

5. References

5.1.  List of the sources used in the research and impact plan

  • The list (no more than 2 pages) does not count towards the length of the plan. Please note that the text type, font size and line spacing of the list are the same as elsewhere in the plan.

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