Green Chemistry and C1 Value Seminar

8 June 2022
Place Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre
Registration Registration to ChemBio Finland 2022

Atmospheric carbon compounds can be captured, stored and utilised in the production of chemical products and materials, for example. C1 compounds (CO2, CO, CH4, CH3OH) are potential sources of raw material for the production of fuels, materials and chemicals. The goal is to find solutions that enable CO2 and CH4 emissions, for example, to be utilised in industrial manufacturing in accordance with the principles of green chemistry.

This seminar is organised by the C1 Value Academy Programme in connection with the ChemBio Finland 2022 event on 8 June. It is aimed at those interested in chemistry, catalysis and carbon capture. Researchers of the C1 Value Academy Programme present their studies with oral presentations and posters. 

The seminar is chaired by Professor Timo Repo, chair of the steering group of C1 Value.

See the the programme on the Finnish page.

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