Call info: Proof of Concept Call for Centres of Excellence and Flagships

12 June 2023
Place Teams
Registration Registration by 12 June at 10.00

The Academy of Finland is preparing a new funding opportunity that will promote the utilisation and commercialisation of research as well as other societal impact. The benchmark for the scheme is the European Research Council’s Proof of Concept Grant. The new funding opportunity will be piloted with a call for applications in 2023.

The Academy will continue to develop the new funding opportunity based on experiences gained from the pilot call. In the pilot call, applications are invited from principal investigators working with Centre of Excellence funding from the Academy and researchers selected by the Academy’s Finnish Flagships.

During the info session, we will present the call documents and describe the review and decision-making process.

All those who have registered will receive the link to the session in the morning of 12 June.

The session will be recorded. After the session, those who have registered will receive the link to the replay by email.

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