The Academy of Finland is an esteemed and active workplace for science and administration professionals. We are a premier expert of science policy in Finland with an active approach to promoting top-tier research and international research collaboration.

Our goal is simple: we want to ensure that the Academy is an elite team of highly qualified professionals and provide them with the best possible work environment.

We owe our success to a wide array of experts who possess both ambition and drive. We employ, for instance, science advisers, programme managers, project officers, finance coordinators, communications specialists and clerical officers. In addition, our funding facilitates the work of numerous researchers and scientists at universities and research institutes.

As an employer, we offer excellent opportunities for career advancement and personal development. Our objective is to ensure employee wellbeing and to provide an exciting and inspiring atmosphere. We strongly believe in the value of wellbeing at work and invest in it by meeting the needs of our employees in terms of cultural activities, physical exercise and ergonomics. We also offer flexible hours and work arrangements, including the possibility to work from home.

For information on our open positions, please see the Government jobs website

Last modified 25 Jul 2018
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