Children and young people – healthy, thriving and capable makers of the future (YOUNG)

The SRC programme focuses on children and young people as members of society and as makers of the future and uses research to find solutions that ensure equal opportunities for all children and young people for a good life and safe growth and development. The well-being of children and young people has been polarised. Although most children and young people are doing well, some are not. Crisis situations aggravate the polarisation and the adverse consequences pile up – structural discrimination increases situation-specific vulnerability. The aim of the programme is to create a broad-based knowledge base through multidisciplinary and interactive research to support the development of children and young people into versatile and forward-looking actors from their own starting points. The programme seeks research-based solutions to reduce welfare gaps and prevent inequality.

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  • Kyösti Husso, Science Adviser, +358 29 533 5103, firstname.lastname(at)

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