Adverse childhood experiences in the life course: Long-term consequences and effective institutional resposes (ACElife)

Public description of the goals at the beginning of the project

Many Finnish children face adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), a combination of abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction. ACEs have cumulative and long-term effects on children, but their full scope is unknown. In Finland, a wide variety of services and interventions aim to prevent and respond to ACEs. However, evaluation studies of these practices are rare. So far children’s voices have mainly been neglected in the development of these practices. In this multidisciplinary project (ACElife), we will examine the multiple consequences, dynamics, and pathways of ACEs over the life course and evaluate and develop practices in child welfare services, the criminal justice system, and NGOs to prevent ACEs and mitigate their negative consequences. The goal of ACElife is to promote equal life chances for children suffering from ACEs and to ensure that the active participation of children with ACEs is supported in their institutional contacts.

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  • Consortium's website ACElife (in Finnish)
  • Consortium PI Noora Ellonen, Reserach Director, Tampere University, firstname.lastname(at)

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