For knowledge users: solutions from science

This page presents research-based solutions produced in SRC-funded programmes and projects.

Our website helps you find research-based solutions, the latest research knowledge and experts on topical issues in our society. The site is in Finnish.

Policy briefs

Policy briefs offer research-based information to support decision-making.

News and press releases

News and press releases about strategic research.


Blog posts on strategic research and by SRC-funded projects.

Information and data

Reports, data compilations and statements on strategic research

Solution cards

The solution cards present research-based solutions through a phenomenon-oriented approach and help to find the latest research knowledge on current issues in society.

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Participate in theme preparation

The strategic research themes define what the SRC will fund. Theme process of preparing themes runs throughout the year. Read about how you can contribute to the process.

Read more about the themes and ways to participate.

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Programme activity and societal impact

Programme activity and societal impact refers to the joint and cross-programme activities of SRC programmes and to the forging of links between researchers and knowledge users.

Read more about programme activity and societal impact

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