Programme evaluation

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) monitors and evaluates the activities of the research projects it funds. The purpose of the evaluation is to form an overall picture of the activities of the research programmes, which is why it is carried out at programme level.

The evaluation will provide an understanding of the societal impact and scientific quality of the programmes. The aim is to obtain information on the relationship between research results and societal impact. The assessment facilitates the continuous development of the funding instrument.

The evaluation takes into account the specific characteristics of each programme and project and examines effects that have already been achieved and effects that may be realised in the future. The principles of programme evaluation are available in full in the funding principles of the SRC. The programme evaluation is carried out in three stages; the contents of the stages are described below. The first programme evaluation coordinated by the Division of Strategic Research is the evaluation of the programmes that ended in 2019.


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