Programme activity and societal impact

In the SRC context, programme activity refers to an activity where the projects and programme director of each programme jointly build a programme package, for example by outlining common research themes, opportunities for cooperation between projects and joint publication opportunities. Programme activities include seminars and other joint events. Each SRC programme has a part-time programme director (40–60% of working hours) employed by their own background organisation, such as a university or research institute.

Cross-programme activities for societal impact refer to the joint and cross-programme activities of SRC programmes and to forming connections between researchers and knowledge users. The activities are planned and implemented by a group that includes the programme directors of each programme and experts working in the Division of Strategic Research at the Research Council of Finland.

Here, the key tasks of the programme director are to be responsible for cross-programme cooperation with other programme directors and to promote the societal impact of research together with the Division of Strategic Research. The cross-programme activities for societal impact are coordinated by the Division.

Through the cross-programme activities for societal impact, the SRC, programme directors, programmes, projects and the Division of Strategic Research jointly develop methods to strengthen dialogue between science and policymaking and to build better conditions for the societal impact arising from research. Such methods include data compilations, dialogue meetings with policymakers and the website (in Finnish).

The objectives, methods and division of tasks for promoting the cross-programme societal impact of strategic research are described in a separate document.

Cross-programme activities for societal impact of strategic research (PDF)


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